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The future of intelligent
urban infrastructure.

We transform typical urban environments into dynamic Smartscapes™. CIVIQ builds highly intelligent, and ultra-connected smart communications infrastructure, applications and networks that seamlessly blend into our streets, transit, and public spaces, connecting us all effortlessly while monitoring useful data along the points in between. Incredibly versatile and easy-to-use, Smartscapes amplify and streamline the urban experience, keeping people connected and making cities smarter where it matters most.

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Civic Structure

Pioneering systems that
make cities smarter.

In this era of ultra-connectivity, there’s a growing demand for cities to become safer, more efficient, and more innovative. We design, manufacture and deploy unified technology solutions that transform the urban landscape into hyper-connected Smartscapes. Our ready-now hardware and software solutions give cities the edge they need to stand out on the global stage, and to deliver the tools their communities need to thrive in the digital age.

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The heartbeat of every city is its people.
Our integrated systems provide a seamless experience for
citizens to connect, discover and engage on the go.

We’re helping New York City become smarter and more connected.


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